PSYCH 3UU3 - 2008-2009 (Humphreys)

PSYCH 3UU3 - 2008-2009 (Humphreys) - PSYCHOLOGY3UU3 The...

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PSYCHOLOGY3UU3: The Psychology of Language, Winter 2009 Instructor: Dr. Karin R. Humphreys Email: [email protected] (preferred contact method); You MUST email me from your McMaster email account, otherwise it will likely be spam filtered and I will never even see it. Phone: 905 525-9140 x23011 Office: Psych Room 410 Office Hours : By appointment. TAs: Johanna Lake <[email protected]>, Peter Jansen <[email protected]>, Nicole Folland < > Office Hours: By appointment; Most questions can best be asked and answered via WebCT Lectures: Mondays, 7-10pm, Hamilton Hall/109 WebCT: The course website is available to registered students by logging into WebCT. You will need to learn how to use WebCT to access the course content, announcements, and discussions. All Powerpoint slides from the lectures will be made available on WebCT only after the lectures, as pdfs. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with class announcements made on WebCT Course objectives and content: In this course you will be introduced to the major themes in the Psychology of Language, looking at the comprehension, production and representation of language from an experimental perspective. Required Text: The Psychology of Language: From Data to Theory by Trevor Harley. EITHER the 2 nd or 3 rd edition is acceptable. All chapters except Chapter 4 will be covered.
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PSYCH 3UU3 - 2008-2009 (Humphreys) - PSYCHOLOGY3UU3 The...

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