Midterm 2 3N3 2009-2010

Midterm 2 3N3 2009-2010 - Name _ Psych 3N3 Test #2:...

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Name ____________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Instructions: You have 50 minutes to complete the following 40 questions. Please print your name at the top of this paper, and return it with your scan sheet. On the scan sheet, print your ID number in the leftmost 7 boxes in the section at the top left marked "IDENTIFICATION NUMBER", and fill in the appropriate circle beneath each box. Please be sure to code your ID correctly, since it is the ONLY way the computer has of identifying you!! Please PRINT your name in the space marked "NAME" at the top right of the form, and SIGN your name underneath. In answering questions, be sure to mark darkly. IF YOU CAN STILL READ THE NUMBER IN THE BUBBLE YOUR MARKING IS TOO LIGHT . ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. In discussing the epidemiology of Generalized Anxiety Disorder we noted that: a. the 12-month prevalence (U.S.) is about 8% b. the lifetime prevalence (U.S.) is 12-15% c. more than about half of those given the diagnosis are women. ** d. the lifetime prevalence in various countries ranges from 6-18% e. more than one of the above 2. Which of the following statements about panic attacks is NOT TRUE ? a. they peak very quickly, usually within 10 minutes b. they can last up to 1 hour c. they range in frequency from many per day to only once every few months d. they typically occur without warning e. all of the above are TRUE ** 3. In discussing the prognosis or outcome of Panic Disorder , we noted that: a. nearly half of all individuals with PD recover completely, or almost completely, without any treatment at all. b. about 20% of individuals with PD have symptoms that are mild or infrequent, and typically require only occasional treatment. c. about 30-50% of patients with PD have symptoms continuously, and require frequent and continuous treatment. d. all of the above e. none of the above ** 4. Gorman et al (2000) argued that Panic Disorder involves the same neural pathways as conditioned fear in animals. As part of this pathway: a. a CS for fear stimulates the hypothalamus b. the RAS activates autonomic arousal via the sympathetic nervous system c. the pituitary gland stimulates increased norepinephrine release d. the hypothalamus causes the release of stress hormones from the adrenal gland ** e. none of the above 5. In discussing the epidemiology of Social Phobia we noted that: a. Social Phobia is more common among women than among men. b. the estimated lifetime prevalence (U.S.) of Social Phobia is about 12%** c. Social Phobia usually begins in the late 20s or 30s. d.
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Midterm 2 3N3 2009-2010 - Name _ Psych 3N3 Test #2:...

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