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HTH SCI 4Y03 - NA (Wiley) - Health Sciences 4Y03: Science,...

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Health Sciences 4Y03: Science, Culture and Identity Co-ordinator: Dr. Ryan Wiley Time: Mondays, 08:30 to 11:20 Location: MDCL-1115 Calendar Description. The authority of science derives from the presumed objectivity, social detachment and universality of scientific knowledge. However, critics argue that because scientific institutions are embedded cultural constructs, the knowledge they produce is very much a reflection of social organization, priority and power. This political understanding of science has translated into fertile critiques of science from feminist, queer, ethnic and religious perspectives, which invite us to reflect on how science identifies itself and how we identify with science. Through selected readings and discussion, this course will explore some of these critiques and will appraise the challenge they present to scientific authority. L EARNING O BJECTIVES First and foremost, this is an inquiry-based course. The objective, therefore, is to get you to engage with science as a social construct: to think about some of the ways in which scientific work is shaped by cultural, political and economic forces; and to reflect on science as an ideological lens that can focus or distort our understanding of the world. The selected readings do follow a certain internal logic, with successive weeks’ readings building on earlier themes, but they do not presume to be an exhaustive, coherent or balanced rendering of the scholarly canon. They are, however, stimulating . It is not the intention of this course to make you an expert in the field of science studies; the objective is to debate and think deeply about the issues and questions these fertile readings inspire. We aim to achieve these objectives in two ways. During the first half of the term, our weekly meetings will give you the chance to discuss the readings with your peers—to refine your thinking, exorcise your prejudices and ask new questions. This exchange, in turn, will help you (either individually or in small groups) to flesh out the inquiry question that will occupy you during the second half of the semester. E VALUATION Evaluation in this course will comprise two elements: ( i ) participation in class discussion (40%) and ( ii ) the completion of a final research project (60%). We ( i.e. “I” as “instructor” and “you” as “students”) will share responsibility for evaluation. Participation.
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HTH SCI 4Y03 - NA (Wiley) - Health Sciences 4Y03: Science,...

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