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Chapter 8 - Question 4 According to the all facts there is...

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Question 1 If McCleskey picks up a $1 candy bar, waves the candy at Miller without saying a word, and walks out, this is an implied-in-fact contract. This type of contract contains some other expression terms than words. In this case when the buyer physically confirms the seller to pay later, the implied-in-fact contract between McCleskey and Miller meets all necessary requirements for an implied in fact contract. Every day McCleskey visits Miller’s store and buys a candy bar. Hence, Miller expects to be paid when McCleskey waves at him, and McCleskey has an implied intent to pay Miller later, when Miller is not that busy. Therefore, the contract has implied by McCleskey and Miller’s conduct.
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Unformatted text preview: Question 4 According to the all facts, there is a unilateral contract between Burgers Baby and Davidson. Unilateral contract is a “promise for an act”. The Burgers Baby’s prize is an example of an offers to form a unilateral contract. Davidson complies with the rules of the contest. He starts swimming hoping to get the offered prize. A few hours later the promisor revokes the offer. However, ones a performance has began a unilateral contract cannot be revoked. Davidson already has spent four hours swimming before Burgers Baby revokes their advertisement. Hence, Davidson should get a full compensation of $1,000 as it was advertized....
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