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Cpt 7&8 - 1. Come up with a brand name and logo for...

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1. Come up with a brand name and logo for your business and describe your logo. Why did you choose the name you did? How does your name reflect the criteria for an effective brand name found in your textbook (page 216-17- be sure to refer to these)? Name I would like to take “Olymp” as a brand name for my coffee shop. Why I choose this name include the following reasons: Coffee shop located in ESL sport Centre, this mane also has an association with Olympic games that is the highest achievement goals for many athletes. I think that “Olymp” it would be the best name if we would consider location and association about this name. According the information in our textbook, this name correspond the desirable quality for the brand name: I think that it does have a suggestion about the product (food for champions). It is easy to pronounce and remember on any language. It could be extendable, for example sport bar or sport shop “Olymp”. I think it should be capable for registration, I was trying to do some researches about existing coffee shop with the same brand name, but I did not get any matching results. Logo The logo for “Olymp” coffee shop would look like a circle. Insight the circle would be Olympic Torch (the symbol of Olympic Games) and right in front of the Olympic Torch I would place the cup of coffee. The flame from the Olympic Torch would look like it is coming out from the cup of coffee. On the top of the circle I would put the name “ Coffee Shop Olymp”. I will use the bronze (Olympic Torch), gold (cup of coffee) and green colors for the logo. Those colors would bring the association with Olympic gold medal (success) and green color and round shape of the cup of coffee would build in peoples mind association with trust and healthy food. It would be my number one priority.
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2. Consider the products and/or services you will offer. What will be the important features or attributes of these that will be important to your customers? Try to be GENERAL here and not specific. For example, one important attribute of a pizza might be that it is hot, not cold. .. For Internet cafe - up to date equipment and access speed might be important for a spa - skilled/trained staff. Focus on more general attributes such as these and be thorough and complete in your answers. Coffee shop offers the combination of services and products, because just coffee or Internet access (pure goods or pure service) would not attract customers. I would try to create a place where customers would have a good experience with product we would offer. In developing new coffee shop, it is really important to decide from large sets features/attributes, which would be the most popular and profitable (package, style, brand name and quality level). It is a challenge to determine the success or failure of a new coffee shop. I think that for my customers and for business would be really important the following: 1 The high quality of food and beverages I would offer a dig variety of
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Cpt 7&8 - 1. Come up with a brand name and logo for...

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