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YOUR MAIN POST FOR THIS DISCUSSION IS WORTH "DOUBLE POINTS"! In this discussion you will teach your classmates about current trends in retailing. Use pages 346-351 in your text as a starting point. Then, use the web (or other sources) and find out information on any THREE of the following retail trends: Wal-Mart's current dominance, future plans and outlook Department Store Trends Entertainment-Based Retailing, including Power Towns Online retailing trends Retail Technologies Self Service Technologies Retailers Find New Markets in China While India's Retail Industry is Poised for Enormous Growth Shopping Mall Trends (and struggles to stay afloat) Kids' Items Spark New Store Concepts Start a discussion in which you: 1. Summarize what you have found out for the THREE trends you chose. Be thorough - you are educating/teaching your classmates. Please use a separate paragraph(s) for each trend. 2. Provide a few brief examples from your own shopping experience of the trends you chose. 3. In one paragraph summarizes what you see as "the future of retailing". Changes in retail business In our high technologies days everything is going through meager changes. Retail business changes a lot in last decades and would change even more in future. Retailers are meeting many challenges by striving to differentiate brand propositions, fashion distinctive shopping experiences, and optimize business processes throughout every
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element of their value chain. Retail industry is evolving into a marketplace of extremes. Customers are looking for low cost basic goods among the competitive spectrum, or at the high and premium prices for goods that offer high personal value. Undifferentiated competitors in the middle are fading away. The following website has 10 Retail Trends for 2008 for shops, which “mirroring our habits and aspirations” http://www.cnbceb.com/Articles/2008/July/44/shelf-life-10-retail- trends.aspx Online retailing trends The big trend for 2008 is on line retailing. Statistics of 2007 show us
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