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Cpt 12& 13 Acc

Cpt 12& 13 Acc - 1 What will you overall...

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1. What will you overall advertising objectives be? (Overall objectives in the mini-lecture document and on page 371). Be sure to do this for each of the three ads (you can use different objectives for each and you can also use more than one for each ad). WHY did you choose the objectives you did? Advertising objectives is a specific communication task to be accomplished with a specific target audience during a specific period of time to inform, persuade or remind. 1 I would choose the NEWS 10NBC local TV channel to place my ad. I think that they provide the best variety of the programs and Rochester’s news coverage. For TV ad I would use the Informative advertising to build primary demand. I would open the new coffee shop and I would need to inform customers about the new place, prices and explain the benefits and advantages. And then later, I would use Persuasive and Reminding advertising as needed to build selective demand (to keep people inform about any changes, events, new options and sales). I choose this strategy because a lot of people watching TV and Informative advertising would reach large grout of people. And the following Persuasive and Reminding advertising would inform and remind to this group about new events in my coffee shop. 2 From the big selection of radio channels I would pick Rochester Buzz 98.9 FM. For radio ad I would use only the Persuasive advertising, because I think that on the radio station people would like to hear what is going on around right now (some events) and it would be good to keep them inform about the news in my coffee place, all up coming events and special prices to encourage customers come to
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my place right now. 3 For the newspaper I would make the Informative advertising. It would look like an interview or article about new coffee shop at the beginning (to inform about the new place, prices and explain the benefits and advantages). And than later I would use only the Persuasive advertising to inform the readers about what is new for this week. I would choose the Rochester City newspaper and I think that Persuasive advertising would be just right choice to cover peoples need and wants when they reading this newspaper. 2. Which message appeals (execution style) will you use (page 378)? (Clearly you can combine some of these in an ad if you wish). WHY are you using the one(s) you chose? Be GENERAL here - specifics come next. To create good advertising message and choose the right execution style to be able to get the attention from customers is very important. Any product or service could be presented in different execution styles. For my coffee shop I would choose “Mood or Image” style. This execution style would fit my coffee shop and build an association in customers mind about my coffee shop as a “perfect place to sit and get some food and beverages after exercise or just relax”. I think that it would be the best choice to show to the customers how convenient and relaxing my coffee place look and make them want to visit it.
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