Final - 1. Discuss how you will utilize a website in...

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1. Discuss how you will utilize a website in running your business. What types of information will you provide? Will you accept orders over the web? Other things you might do or link to? (You may not "cop out" and say you will not use the web!). (This question relates to your BUSINESS/COMPANY WEBSITE - it has nothing to do with providing internet/wifi access in your cafe or pizzeria or spa) In our digital age it would be a big mistake don’t use the Internet and create the business website. Internet is playing a very important role for a new marketing strategy, creating a value for customers and builds a customers relationship. I would defiantly design the website for my coffee shop and provide information about my business there. My website would consists the following pages: * Welcome page would have the general information about my coffee shop such as location, services providing and coming events. * Our service page would include the information about the gathering service and pre-orders. It would have menu, prices, special deals and other related information. My customers could place an order right on Internet. * Our events page would have all upcoming events and dates. Plus I would put some pictures from previous events here. * Blogs page would be specially made for our web community to make an advantage of the C2C communication. They can share their opinion and experience about any events. * Comments corner page would be made for my customers if they would like to make any suggestions and comments about my coffee shop. 2. Visit Read through the Tutorial and outline the 5 steps you need to take to setup an online commerce site. What are important considerations for each step? In our high technology age is very important to provide e-commerce to allow the customers shop in your store any time they can. Before making the web site it is very important to check the following steps:
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1 Getting an Internet merchant bank account To be able to accept credit cards over the Internet I would set up Internet Bank Account. Many banks offer Internet merchant account and support them. 2 Obtaining a Digital Certificate Any e-commerce companies require to have SSL (Secure Socket Layer encryption) before using their services. I would get certificate owned by the web hosting company, because my new business is small and for the beginning I don’t need to buy a full price certificate. 3 Web Hosting My next step would be to choose a web hosting company. It is really important to have a good level of service to maintain my Web cervices, because the staff that is knowledgeable about ecommerce would provide good uptime, technical support, and fast connection to the net, compatibility with major ecommerce providers. 4 Finding a Provider of Online Transactions
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Final - 1. Discuss how you will utilize a website in...

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