Trends - Part 1 First please briefly tell me what you got...

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Part 1: First, please briefly tell me what you got out of the Dunkin Donuts and Rollerblades videos. Just a paragraph or two of what you learned; main points; etc. I leaned that marketing concepts is different in those two examples. Dunkin Donuts marketing philosophy are based on ”make it simple” and it depends on customers needs. They don’t focused on complicated staff. They products are available and affordable and they are also focused on quality by doing testing researches in every franchise. Dunkin Donuts is customer–driven company and they are making their research according on customers’ needs and desires. In rollerblades videos they used Societal Marketing concept. This company satisfies the immediate needs and wants, but also doing what is the best for customers in the long run. Especially when they are talking about roller-skates for kids. Skates will be good for today and they also have an extension design for kids in a few years, long run wants. Part 2: Suppliers will be critically important to the success of your business. How can assist you in finding suppliers? What factors would you consider before using a supplier you find through a website such as this? Identify three suppliers from the website and what you might purchase from them. As a part of microenvironment suppliers are very important for any business. Any problems with delivery of any would seriously affect the business. In our days it is easy to find information about suppliers on the website. has a big variety of different type of supply and I found there some supplies for my business. 1 Company name: ZAMA ENTERPRISES CORP (they have “Trust Pass”)
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Trends - Part 1 First please briefly tell me what you got...

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