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McGrew_Assignment 2-1

McGrew_Assignment 2-1 - 2009 Their mission statement says...

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Trish McGrew Assignment 2-1 Dr. Coto BSAD 495 Activity Action/Strategy Implication Attracting Human Capital 1. Offer high energy work environment 2. Need team oriented individuals 3. Need friendly, outgoing, individuals 4. Need self- motivated people for franchise 1. People who are not active need not apply 2. Must be able to work well with others 3. Not afraid to communicate 4. Not afraid to take initiative Developing Human Capital 1. Offer training sessions in customer service 2. Cross train 1. Train individuals the way we want them to act towards customers 2. Train individuals to do more than one job at a time
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Retaining Human Capital 1. Offer job advancements 2. Offer employee rewards 1. Climb the ladder from the bottom to the top. 2. Some rewards would be employee of the month or give gift certificates for jobs well done. Buffalo Wild Wings is a very intense place to work. They need to hire high-energy people who are devoted to customer care and jobs well done. Recently, Buffalo Wild Wings have had many complaints with their customer care. (Buffalo Wild Wings Complaints,
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Unformatted text preview: 2009). Their mission statement says that they want to WOW their customers. (Buffalo Wild Wings, INC, 2009). In order to WOW their customers they have to hire the right people who have an outstanding personality. Once the right people are hired, they also may need a little “tweaking.” Training helps to improve areas where an individual may be lacking. By cross training our employee’s will be well rounded and ready for advancements. When employees do well, it is good to reward them. Show them how much they are appreciated and that they are doing well. References: Buffalo Wild Wings Complaints . (2009). Retrieved November 16, 2009, from Complaints Board: http://www.complaintsboard.com/bycompany/buffalo-wild-wings-a46420.html Buffalo Wild Wings, INC. (2009). Our Mission . Retrieved November 10, 2009, from Buffalo Wild Wings web site: www.buffalowildwings.com...
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McGrew_Assignment 2-1 - 2009 Their mission statement says...

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