Assignment 2-2 Human Capital

Assignment 2-2 Human Capital - In addition, by expanding to...

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Trish McGrew Assignment 2-2 Dr. Coto BSAD 495 Activity Action/Strategy Implication Attracting Human Capital 1. Big Screen Televisions 2. Sports Channels 3. Wings 1. Focuses mainly on sports-minded people. Developing Human Capital 1. More Families 2. Widen the age range focus 1. Loses focus on already established market 2. Obtain new market Retaining Human Capital 1. Increase Marketing Strategies 2. Offer sweepstakes type of deals 3. Promotional offers 1. Costly 2. Loyalty Buffalo Wild Wings uses the big screen LCD televisions with hi-definition and sports channels to draw in sports-minded people. Many individuals have some sort of sport that they follow and Buffalo Wild Wings tries to accommodate each and every sport. In developing human capital, they could attract more families during the off seasons.
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Unformatted text preview: In addition, by expanding to new demographic areas such as airports Buffalos Wild Wings can tap in to new markets. People who travel are of all ages. By focusing on new markets, Buffalo Wild Wings may lose their focus on their already established markets. Buffalo Wild Wings can retain their already existing market and obtain new market at the same time by offering some kind of sweepstakes or promotional offers. By offering promotional deals, it can be costly but at the same time, it could produce loyal customers. By taking care of the customers and showing concern in keeping them happy then they will come back. Happy customers will produce loyal customers. Reference:
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Assignment 2-2 Human Capital - In addition, by expanding to...

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