Fraud Case wk 3

Fraud Case wk 3 - Teresa Flemings Sheri Glenaman Lisa Hayes...

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Unformatted text preview: Teresa Flemings, Sheri Glenaman, Lisa Hayes, Trish McGrew, Erik Miller, Jessica Morin : Fraud Scenario #2 You have been called in to investigate a suspected case of ghost employees at a fast-growing pet daycare company – Plush Pet Daycare. The company has gone from 2 to 37 locations in the past two years. Revenue and expense figures are well within line of expectations. However, customer complaints (received via the company website) have been increasing. When asked about these complaints, the Operations Manager, Danny Jones, has downplayed the complaints and has stated he believes it’s only due to the recent rapid growth and “all the newbies" working at these locations. On a whim one day, the president, Patricia Samuels, made an unannounced visit to a Plush Pet Daycare location opened 4 months ago. The conditions she found were horrible (e.g., messy, understaffed). When the president asked the location 4 months ago....
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  • Spring '10
  • Prof.Hewitt
  • Operations Manager, recent rapid growth, company Operations Manager, Plush Pet Daycare, pet daycare company, Plush Pet Daycare.

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