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McGrew Assignment 3-4

McGrew Assignment 3-4 - McGrew | 1 Trish McGrew...

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M c G r e w | 1 Trish McGrew BSFR342-F1WW Interviewing Tech. for Fraud Invest. October 21, 2009 Mr. Wiseman Interview Planning Write-up The president, Patricia Samuels, of Plush Pet Daycare has suspected foul play within the company. She suspects the Operation Manager, Danny Jones of having ghost employees on the payroll. During my interviews with the suspect, I plan to take on an introductory statement approach. The reason for this is I will have the advantage of both factual components and emotional appeal, which will allow my suspect to save face. I will begin my investigation process by first talking with the president to obtain any background information she may have on Mr. Jones. I will then talk to any co-workers that have seen Mr. Jones’s behaviors while on the job. I will also want to find out if Mr. Jones has any friends that he keeps close contact with and ask them a few questions about Mr. Jones’ behavior outside of work. After I have talked to all the people around Mr. Jones, I will have established whether he had a motive and opportunity for the crime. Upon meeting Mr. Jones, I will introduce myself, seat him across from me, begin to establish good rapport, and try to obtain some background information from Mr. Jones, himself. I want Mr. Jones to feel comfortable with me and think of this questioning as routine as possible. I am thinking that because I am a female he will not feel as threatened and may possibly think he
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M c G r e w | 2 can “pull one over” on me. During this time, I will be watching Mr. Jones’s behavior, including his tone of voice and body movements. I will begin by asking Mr. Jones about his job duties. Will he leave out any information? Will he become aggravated and impatient? After, Mr. Jones has told me a little bit about himself and his job duties, I will proceed to ask him about the employees. I will ask him how many people he employs at each facility. As I ask him this question, I will watch his reactions and record his responses. I will see what type of body movement he uses. Will he have a closed body posture towards me; will he become upset, nervous, or angry? Once Mr. Jones has given me his response to the question of how many he employs, I
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McGrew Assignment 3-4 - McGrew | 1 Trish McGrew...

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