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McGrew_Interview Analysis 1 - h niques for Fr aud I nvest...

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M c G r e w | 2 Trish McGrew BSFR342-F1WW Interviewing Tech. for Fraud Invest. October 13, 2009 Mr. Wiseman Interview Analysis 1 Analyzing responses given by suspects during an investigation can be very detrimental to an investigation. An investigator must key in on any verbal and nonverbal clues a suspect gives during the questioning. Since the nonverbal clues were not present, the only thing to focus on is the verbal clues. During an investigation at the Worldwide Warehouse, ten responses were given and are going to be analyzed. The first question asked was if the suspect knew why he was being questioned. The response from the suspect was deceitful in saying he knew nothing about a theft. At first, the suspect was hesitant in answering the question and then continued with saying that he had not heard of any thefts but then immediately turned around and said he had heard of misappropriations before he left for vacation. The definition for misappropriation is dishonest use of another’s fund or property for one’s own use. The definition for theft is the illegal taking of another person’s property without that person’s consent. When the suspect was asked how he felt about being interviewed, the suspect responded with
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McGrew_Interview Analysis 1 - h niques for Fr aud I nvest...

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