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McGrew Interview Analysis 2

McGrew Interview Analysis 2 - McGrew | 1 Trish McGrew...

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M c G r e w | 1 Trish McGrew BSFR342-F1WW Interviewing Tech. for Fraud Invest. October 21, 2009 Mr. Wiseman Interview Analysis 2 The case in review is pertaining to a statutory rape case involving a twenty-two (22) year old black male by the name of Cabe Nelson and a sixteen-year-old white female, Susan Reid. The incident took place at a Fraternity house where the twenty-two year old male resides. The sixteen-year-old female told her father the twenty-two year old male raped her. There were several interviews conducted, most of which were short and to the point. The interviews were not done by police officials, but instead were conducted by people who specialize in detecting whether people are truthful of being deceitful. Most of the interviews in this case took on a direct accusation approach. This particular interviewer specializes in reading people’s behavior and expressions. In the first interview, the interviewer asked the suspect if he enjoyed sex with little girls. This is a direct accusation. The suspect responded spontaneously, saying no, he thought she was of age. The spontaneous reaction, anger, and eye contact indicated the suspect was truthful. When the suspect was asked if he seeks out underage women, he responded by providing insightful information.
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