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RUBRIC -Discussions In the Discussion areas of the course, you, as a student, can interact with your instructor and classmates to explore questions and comments related to the content of this course. Discussions will always close Sunday, 11:59 P.M. Mountain Time (MT) . A successful student in online education is one who takes an active role in the learning process. You are therefore encouraged to participate in the discussion areas to enhance your learning experience throughout each week. The discussions have a maximum total value of 30 points per week (15 points per graded topic x 2 graded topics per week) and will be graded for: 1. Frequency (maximum 12 points each week (2 points per day in each thread with a maximum of 6 points per graded thread topic.)) - Number and regularity of your contributions. You are expected to log into the course and post (respond) in the threaded discussion topics on a minimum of three separate days per week, beginning no later than Wednesday each week . 2. Quality (maximum 18 points each week (9 points maximum per graded topic))
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Discussion_Rubric_30-point_2_topics - RUBRIC -Discussions...

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