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Week 1 not graded answer key - Chap 1 18 What is the...

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Chap 1. 18. What is the purpose of a data communication standard? The use of standards makes it much easier to develop software and hardware that link different networks because software and hardware can be developed one layer at a time. The software or hardware defined by the standard at one network layer can be easily updated, as long as the interface between that layer and the ones around it remains unchanged. Chap 2 13. Describe how a Web browser and Web server work together to send a web page to a user. In order to get a page from the Web, the user must type the Internet Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for the page he or she wants, or click on a link that provides the URL. The URL specifies the Internet address of the Web server and the directory and name of the specific page wanted. In order for the requests from the Web browser to be understood by the Web server, they must use the same standard protocol. The standard protocol for communication between a Web browser and a Web server is Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).
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