Week 6 not graded answer key

Week 6 not graded answer key - Week 6 not graded answer...

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Week 6 not graded answer key. Chap 9. 1. What are common carriers, local exchange carriers, and interexchange carriers? A common carrier is a private company that sells or leases communication services and facilities to the public. Common carriers are profit-oriented, and their primary products are services for voice and data transmissions, both over traditional wired circuits as well as cellular services. Common carriers often supply a broad range of computer-based services, such as the manufacturing and marketing of specialized communication hardware and software. Common carriers that provide local telephone services are commonly called local exchange carriers (LEC), while carriers that provide long distance services (e.g., Sprint) are commonly called interexchange carriers (IXC). As the LECs move into the long distance market and IXCs move into the local telephone market, this distinction may disappear. 23. Which likely to be the longer term winner, X.25, frame relay, ATM, SMDS, or Ethernet services? X.25 is an older, traditional services that provides slower service (up to 2 Mbps), but guarantees error- free delivery. Frame relay is a packet switching service with higher data rates (up to 45 Mbps) but does
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Week 6 not graded answer key - Week 6 not graded answer...

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