Week 2;CheckPoint;Relationship Strategies

Week 2;CheckPoint;Relationship Strategies - to school and...

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The relationship in my life that I choose to write about is with my two children. Although we are already very close and we love each other very much, I believe there are things that I could do with them to make our relationship a little stronger. Their father and I split up (divorced) about five years ago. So I have been the one to go to school and work to pay the bills. Thank God I have always had my mother and step dad very close to help me take care of them while I was away at work or school. But being so busy going
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Unformatted text preview: to school and working kept me from doing so many things that I wanted to do with them. Now I am at home with them while I go to school online, but it is still difficult sometimes to be able to sit down and do things together when I am cleaning, doing laundry, etc. So I feel like one way that I could make my relationship with my sons stronger is to sit down and do more things with them such as watch movies, play games, or go for walks together. This would mean a lot to me and I am sure it would to them also....
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