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Week 3; CheckPoint; Empathy Exercise

Week 3; CheckPoint; Empathy Exercise - and talked to him...

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I really cannot think of anyone in my life that I have negative feelings towards right now however, I can think of a past experience where I had a snap judgment about someone. I have a friend named Dennis that I am very close to now. When he first moved to my neighborhood I heard everyone saying a lot of different bad things about him. Without knowing him, I formed a bad opinion of him. I ended up buying a washer and dryer from someone that he knew and got in a huge argument with him over it. Once I calmed down
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Unformatted text preview: and talked to him, and the more I began being around him and his wife Mary, I did change my opinion of him. I’m not in the situation to say that I would make an effort to change the relationship, but I think we all did in a way because I did become very close to both of them. The circumstances that created the snap judgment were all of the people in the neighborhood saying bad things about him and I should have formed my own opinion by getting to know him first instead of listening to what others said....
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