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Jesus and Mohammed Paper

Jesus and Mohammed Paper - Jesus and Mohammed 1 Jesus and...

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Jesus and Mohammed 1 Jesus and Mohammed Paper Nicole Ureste July 18, 2010 Dominick Hankle HUM/130
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Jesus and Mohammed 2 It is believed that Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem to Mary and Joseph. Mary was a virgin when she conceived Jesus from the Holy Spirit. His name, “Jesus” means “God saves.” Many came to pay their respects when he was born because they were given messages by angels about the coming of the Savior had been born. After his birth there were no stories of his childhood until he reached twelve years of age. At twelve years old Jesus went with Mary and Joseph on a trip to Jerusalem for the Passover. Mary and Joseph accidentally left Jesus behind and became frantic looking for him. They finally found him in the temple carrying on conversations with the Rabbis. He was discussing the Bible or the Torah with them and they were completely amazed at his understanding of the Bible and his remarkable answers to their questions. Mary and Joseph became angry when they found him because they had been so scared when they could not find him. But when they asked why he had fallen behind he asked very calmly, “did you not know that I would be in my Father’s house”? This story shows Jesus’ closeness to God at such a young age. After this there is no mention of his growing up or the times when he was a young man. The next mention of him was around age thirty when he appeared at the Jordan River while John the Baptist was asking people to repent of their sins by being baptized. Jesus asked to be baptized also but this made John feel uncomfortable. He was uneasy about this because he knew that Jesus was clean and without sin. However, Jesus insisted that he be treated as everyone else so John performed the baptism. There are a few reasons that people believe the baptism occurred. One of them is that people believe that the baptism marked the beginning of Jesus’
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Jesus and Mohammed Paper - Jesus and Mohammed 1 Jesus and...

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