Week 3;CheckPoint;Interactionism

Week 3;CheckPoint;Interactionism - more logical to me that...

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The way that culture influences personality is by the way people are raised around a particular culture. Different cultural beliefs and family traits sometimes shape people into a belief system unlike others around them. I see someone’s reaction to something as being from both social experience and as a result of social experience depending on the situation and the person. Some people react to things in a way that they have learned through experience from how they were raised or from their friends, jobs, or even school. Some people have reactions to things and let there emotions take control of their actions and this leads to their reaction stemming from inside and separate from social experience. I agree with the behavioral dispositional nature of traits the most because it seems
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Unformatted text preview: more logical to me that we pick up traits or behaviors by learning from people around us. I do also agree with neurophysiological substrates also because I believe that we are born with a certain disposition that remains with us throughout life regardless of what we learn from observation or social experience. My oldest son was a very happy baby from the second he was born and every picture I have of him he is smiling. My youngest son was born grumpy and every picture I have of him hes crying. They are both happy children but my youngest has a far worse temper than my oldest. These are traits I think we are born with. Controlling his temper is something he has learned....
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