Week8;Assignment;Energy Resource Plan

Week8;Assignment;Energy Resource Plan - from the sun. We...

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Energy Resource Plan 1 Energy Resource Plan Nicole Ureste May 23, 2010 Ms. V SCI/275
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Energy Resource Plan 2 Conserving energy is important because we use too much nonrenewable energy which causes black-outs and power outages when it begins to run out. Renewable energy is available but it is more expensive. Scientist are working to find a way to make it cheaper for everyone to use. Renewable energy is like energy that can be replaced or created by a natural resource such as wind turbines turning when the wind blows to create energy. Another renewable energy resource is solar energy which is energy that is created from the suns radiant energy. Nonrenewable energy is energy that comes from oil, gas, and coal that is used but cannot be naturally replaced. Three things that each person can do to help conserve energy is make sure that they turn everything off at night when they go to bed or in the daytime when it is already light
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Unformatted text preview: from the sun. We can buy solar lighting systems that are charged by the sun. One more thing they can do is try to buy things that are battery operated instead of things that need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. They can also spend a little extra money and buy the rechargeable batteries to keep from having to buy batteries over and over. The government can offer special discounts to people who can show that they are working or putting efforts towards conserving energy. They could also try and lower the prices of renewable energy so that it would not be so hard for the low-income households to also try to conserve energy. If every household would try not to use lights during the day time we could conserve so much energy. Try to remember, “ if you want to make the earth a better place, use energy we can replace.”...
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Week8;Assignment;Energy Resource Plan - from the sun. We...

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