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Week 3; CheckPoint;Incident 6-2

Week 3; CheckPoint;Incident 6-2 - would be needed for these...

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If I were Ed I would let Kim know exactly how detailed I wanted the plans. Seeing that she is new to doing this type of report I may also suggest to her that she write everything down on paper also so she has something to go by the first couple of times that she prepares the report. I would let her know that it would be good to list her plans separately with maybe two or three ideas for each plan to make them work. If I were Kim I would prepare a plan for Ed that included exactly what I was planning on doing with that particular department for the next year and exactly how many people
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Unformatted text preview: would be needed for these tasks. If I had any empty spots I would add hiring to the report and include exactly how much money would need to be spent on my plans for the department. No I do not think that Kim’s initial reaction to the planning process was unusual. I think it is perfectly normal for someone who has never created a certain type of report to get excited and nervous about doing it for the first time. I think it would be normal for her to feel uncomfortable doing it the first couple of times....
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