Week 3;Assignment In Basket

Week 3;Assignment In Basket - In-Basket 1 Nicole Ureste...

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Unformatted text preview: In-Basket 1 Nicole Ureste Exercise 7-2: “In Basket” October 24, 2010 MGT/210 Paula Mergler In-Basket Among all of the different duties that need to be handled and those that need to be delegated it seems that the issue of handling the restroom problem immediately seemed to be agreed on by everyone in the in-basket discussion. Of course this is an important 2 situation that should be taken care of immediately because if you have several employees that work for the company, not having a restroom for them to use could become a serious issue. So I have to say that also, this would be an issue that I would act on immediately. It also should not take up too much time to make the appropriate phone call to the plumber who handles our facilities to get the problem taken care of. The issue that people seemed to disagree on the most was the issue of the five advertisements and sales catalogues. In my opinion this is something that depending on the company you are working for could be delegated or acted upon. So my attitude on the issue was not affected either way because I can see both sides to the situation. If I worked for a company that handled a great deal of price guarantees based on other stores prices I believe it would be something that needed immediate attention. If they were simply catalogues sent for ordering new supplies for my store then I think it is an issue that could be delegated to the office manager or manager of the warehouse. ...
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Week 3;Assignment In Basket - In-Basket 1 Nicole Ureste...

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