Week 2; CheckPoint;Culture Shock

Week 2; CheckPoint;Culture Shock - earth are only temporary...

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If I was visiting and studying the Yanomamo’s the first thing that I would have done to prevent myself from experiencing culture shock is find out as much about them as I could. I would do research on the internet, check books out from the library, and dig as deep into their culture as I possibly could before leaving on my trip to live amongst them. A personal experience that I have had dealing with culture shock I would have to say is when my mom married my step-dad and we all began living together. My step-dad is from India and even though we are all Christian, they have very different beliefs and deal with things much differently. I would have to say that the way they look at life is more peaceful than some of us and I learned about this in my religions of the world class. I think the way that they view things is more from the perspective that our lives here on
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Unformatted text preview: earth are only temporary and even though I believe this myself also, I just have a harder time accepting things that happen to my family or my loved ones. It is also different to me how the men leave the women and their children to come to the United States and work. I don’t know if I would be able to accept my husband being away for so long. I do not view any of this as a bad way of life, just cultural differences. I think that understanding the major components of culture are important because in Chagnon’s experience someone would be terrified of the things he first experienced when he arrived. Having knowledge of the way that these people live would help to feel more comfortable or at least be more prepared....
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