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Week 1;CheckPoint;Observations

Week 1;CheckPoint;Observations - that I am no longer...

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I have used unsystematic observation in my life by noticing my feelings towards others and how they have treated me. Then how I react to the situation, meaning my feelings afterwards (Does it hurt me, make me happy, angry). I have used building theories in my life by separating the different feelings that I have when good or bad things happen and by who caused me to have those feelings. I have used evaluating propositions in my life by going back in my past and evaluating relationships I have had with people. I have thought about close friend that I have had
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Unformatted text preview: that I am no longer friends with and also friends that I still have now. The things that I have been through with all of these people have caused several different feelings including happiness and pain. I have had many friends in my life who have said they loved and cared for me and that they would always be there. Some of them are still my friends and some are not. I have been married twice and divorced twice. I have spent my life learning how certain relationships and situations make me happy and how some make me sad....
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