Week 4;Assignment;Character Evaluation

Week 4;Assignment;Character Evaluation - Character...

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Character Evaluation 1 Nicole Ureste Character Evaluation August 29, 2010 Michelle Pestlin PSY/230
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Character Evaluation 2 My favorite movie is “Rocky” starring Sylvester Stalone. It is my favorite movie because despite the fact that Rocky is a professional boxer and fights for a living, he is a very nice person. I believe that there are a couple of qualities from all of the five trait clusters that Rocky possesses. When it comes to extraversion, Rocky is very warm with all of his friends and also with his wife. He is a very active person who always keeps busy even when he is not training for a fight. He always has positive emotions towards everything that he wants or decides to do. These three things (warm, active, and positive emotions) affect his choices because they make him a strong person emotionally and help him always see the positive side of things. His openness to experience includes his feelings towards fighting new boxers even when he may be scared. His actions show that he is always open to new suggestions from
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Week 4;Assignment;Character Evaluation - Character...

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