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Week 2;CheckPoint;Incident2 2; BAd Times at Quality Shoe

Week 2;CheckPoint;Incident2 2; BAd Times at Quality Shoe -...

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I actually have two ways of looking at Mack’s approach to making the cut backs. In one view I think that it was a good idea for him to get the other employees involved. It makes them feel as if they are truly important to Mack and that he values their opinions. It shows them that he is a caring supervisor who will actually take the time to hear their suggestions instead of just making the cuts himself. The second view that I could see would be that maybe Mack was overwhelmed with having to make this decision and by getting the other employees involved, it takes a little of the weight off of his shoulders. I may actually use the same approach because I feel that it is unfair not to get the
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Unformatted text preview: views of others. However; one thing that I might do in this situation is get together with all of the workers first and see if maybe I have any who would like more time off. In some companies there are usually at least one or two people who wouldn’t mind having some extra time off and then there are others who are supporting big families who really need the hours. If Mack doesn’t think that the groups decision is reasonable I think it would be a good idea to sit down with them all to come up with a more appropriate alternative. Maybe something like what I just stated above....
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