Occidental HIstory Paper

Occidental HIstory Paper - Winston Chang 2/27/11 Question...

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Winston Chang 2/27/11 Question 3) Analyze Diaz’s and Machiavelli’s support of Conquest During the era of European colonization and exploration, the subject of prime exploration and the gain of various territories came about in the discussions of many European courts. There those, such as Spanish priest Bartalome de las Casas, who were distinctly opposed to the idea of conquest and described the horrors and miseries on the indigenous populations and those significantly affected by this drive for this conquest. The support of conquest however, on the other hand, leaned heavily on the figures of Diaz, a former conquistador for Hernan Cortes and Machiavelli one of the possibly most important political figures of all time. The intentions of the Spanish were to both acquire wealth in the form of gold, as well as convert the Aztec people to the Christian faith during their conquest of Mexico. However, the Spaniards became engulfed in their own greed, and in the end gold became their main obsession. In the case of Sr. Bernal Diaz, the conquest of gold had mainly religious implications. Being the highly religious people that the Spaniards were, converting the Indians into Christians in order to ‘save their souls’ was important to them, thinking the Indians’ polytheistic religion was inferior to their own. After victory in the wars that
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Occidental HIstory Paper - Winston Chang 2/27/11 Question...

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