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Homework%20#%204 - C Calculate the work done by the steam...

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MEEN2210 Thermodynamics I Homework set #4 due by Feb 23 by midnight, 2011 1. Steam is contained in a closed rigid container with a volume of 1 m 3 . Initially, the pressure and  temperature of the steam are 7 bar and 500 ° C, respectively. The temperature drops as a result of heat  transfer to the surroundings. Determine  a)   the temperature at which condensation first occurs, in  ° C, b)  the fraction of the total mass that has condensed when the pressure reaches 0.5 bar. c) What is the volume, in m 3 , occupied by saturated liquid at the final state? 2. A mass of 5 kg of saturated water vapor at 300 kPa is heated at constant pressure until the  temperature reaches 200 
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Unformatted text preview: C. Calculate the work done by the steam during this process. 3. A piston-cylinder assembly contains 1 kg of water, initially occupying a volume of 0.5 m3 at 1 bar. Energy transfer by heat to the water results in an expansion at constant temperature to a final volume of 1.694 m3. Kinetic and potential energy effects are negligible. For the water, (a) show the process on a T–v diagram, (b) evaluate the work, in kJ, and (c) evaluate the heat transfer, in kJ. NOTE: Solutions will be posted on Wednesday midnight, Feb 23, so no grades will be given to the homework received after due date/time....
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