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DIAGNOSING THE TWO BASIC FENCING POSITIONS DIAGNOSING THE ON GUARD POSITION Face towards opponent Grip held equal to lower ribs ("shake hands") Pommel against wrist Elbow on lead arm held approximately one hand-span (6 inches) from ribs Point held at throat level Chest turned away from opponent at about 30 degrees (not squared off) Knees flexed over toes Front toes forward Back foot at right-angle to front foot Heels in line with each other Feet shoulders width apart Hips tucked under Non-weapon hand flexed comfortably toward head with the elbow
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Unformatted text preview: held shoulder high DIAGNOSING THE LUNGE Face towards the opponent with the chin held a little high Weapon hand at shoulder height Point in line with target Chest closed to opponent (not squared off) Pommel against wrist Front knee flexed over ankle Front toe towards opponent Non-fencing arm straight and parallel with back leg; palm up Rear leg extended but not locked out Rear foot flat on floor...
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