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Study Sheet Test 1 -- Lewis How to use this study sheet The test will be based on the concepts shown below. "Class only" headings show important concepts discussed in class but not in the text. All test information appears somewhere on this study sheet, so if you understand these concepts, you should do well on the test. Chapter 1: Introduction: Thinking Critically With Psychology theory, hypothesis, operational definition, experimental & control condition, random assignment, independent & dependent variable, placebo, double-blind Class only --Hawthorne Effect, Book only – illusory correlation Chapter 2: Neuroscience and Behavior dendrite, axon, myelin sheath, speed, action potential, all or none response (all or none law), synapse, neurotransmitters, endorphins, (afferent) sensory, inter- and motor (efferent) neurons, medulla, reticular formation, amygdala & hypothalamus, cerebral cortex , fMRI, MRI, corpus callosum, all split brain studies, hindsight bias, correlation, illusory correlation
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