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Exam #3 Review Worksheet – Essay OPTION A OPTION A—To judge from the travel narratives by Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta, what motivated long-distance travel in the period from ca. 1250-1350? 1.) For both Options A & B – Begin by collecting your information . Only when you have information assembled, can you can think about what sort of THESIS STATEMENT you want to propose. 2.) For both options , you will need to know: Place of Origin? Dates of Life or of Travel? Marco Polo Ibn Battuta 3.) OPTION A invites you to consider travel from the traveller’s point of view by thinking about motivation . The NEXT’ part of the question therefore asks for information about the travelers , so that you can begin to formulate a hypothesis about motivation. Occupational / Educational Background? Made a living during travel by? Marco Polo Ibn Battuta Many kinds information might be useful—a sophisticated essay goes beyond the basic information requested in the prompt. For example, you might consider:
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Exam3_ReviewSheet_OptionA-3 - Exam #3 Review Worksheet...

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