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Frazier / Talbot, His 301F (Fall 2010): Premodern World STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 3 Your third exam will take place Wednesday 8 December in our classroom WAG 101 from 2-5pm . Plan to arrive on time: you must begin the exam at 2pm . The exam will cover *the Strayer textbook assigned chapters 8-13 *the Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta readings *professors’ lectures The exam will consist of two parts: short answer and essay. PART I. SHORT ANSWER (30% of grade) Below are six terms from lectures. Four will appear on your exam. You will write about two of them. Your response should consist of three sentences, more or less, to identify each term, locate it in time and place , and explain its significance in this course (who, what, when, where, and so-what). Zheng He madrassa Cordoba First Crusade Xuanzang Black Death PART II. ESSAY (70% of grade). Answer either Option A or B; both will be on the actual exam. Option A : To judge from the travel narratives by Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta, what motivated long-distance travel in the period from ca. 1250-1350?
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