4 Feb - “hello right justify ^hello center Testing one...

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February 4, 2011 Reducing errors Most spreadsheet packages have the following - Cell validation - Conditional formatting - Protecting cells/worksheets Other ideas to reduce errors - Naming cells- makes formula more readable, better documentation - Cell colour formatting- colour input cells Eg. Check totals Break down complicated formulae Eg. Ass + Test Values + Exam 1% x A1/Max + 6% x A2/MAX + 6% x A/MAX Cell contents A cell can contain ONE of: - Constant (numeric, string/text,date) - Formula Try to avoid embedding constants in a formula. Put the constant in a cell and reference it Numeric constants Numbers can be entered into cells and formulae by just entering the number By default numbers are right justified Eg. 5 5.5 5.8% 1.3e9 -2.345e-20 String.text constants String/text is a series of characters String/text in a formula must be enclosed with double quotes (“. .”) When entered alone in a cell, either enter it directly or some packages have a label prefix character
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Unformatted text preview: “hello right justify ^hello center Testing one two =LOWER(“BOOoo”) Formulae Formulae can be composed of any of the following rules-Any numeric or string expression or constant-Cell references-Intrinsic functions-Relational expressions, < > =, <>- not equal-Links to other worksheet Some combinations are allowed as well Formulae examples =Sheet2!A5-2 * B4-B4 =SUM(A1:A3_ =B2 & (concatenation operator) “BOO” =A1>4 Formulae might require a formula prefix character (e.g =,+,-). This depends on the spreadsheet package being used. Operator precedence BEDMAS () Brackets-Negation % percent ^ exponentiation – 2^3^2= 2^9=512 (regular math)/ 2^3^2= 8^2=64 (to get rid of it put brackets on 3^2) */ multiplication and division + - addition and subtraction Eg. +A1+A2-A3 =B4-8* ( a4^2 )-5* (-4^2 ) = SUM (A1:A3) + ( A5*4 ) = IF (A5 + ( 1*B3 ) > B4;G4;R4) Formatting cells...
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4 Feb - “hello right justify ^hello center Testing one...

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