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1 Introducing English Grammar, second edition, published by Hodder Education © K. Börjars and K. Burridge Answers to exercises: Chapter 5 1. Sentence types (a) Why is anyone interested? Interrogative: the subject anyone follows the verb is . It is a wh -interrogative, with a wh -word at the front. (b) Is that love in your eyes, or just obsession? Interrogative: the subject that follows the verb is . This is a yes-no interrogative. (c) C’mon, tax me out of here! Imperative: there is no subject there in the sentence, but it is understood to be you . (d) Try to get a look on your face that hints you might whip out a wad of cash at any moment, for the right price. Imperative: again, there is no subject, but it is interpreted as you . (e) Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz . Interrogative: the subject you follows the verb won’t . It is slightly unusual because it starts with Oh Lord , but what follows that is an interrogative clause. (f) God damn it kid – just put the kayak under my arm and roll me off the grandstand ! The first clause is an example of an imprecative, an unusual sub-type of imperatives that we discuss in Section 5.4 in the book. The second clause is a standard imperative with the subject missing, but we would all understand it as you just put a kayak under my arm (g) Let’s keep these people permanently where they belong! This is an example of what we called the first person imperative, or the
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exerciseanswers5 - 1 Answers to exercises: Chapter 5 1....

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