Introduction - LIN 204 Welcome! Today: English Grammar Why...

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1 LIN 204 English Grammar • Welcome! • Today: – Introduction to the study of English Grammar – Review course syllabus Why Study English Grammar? • English is in our brains. • Native speakers of English know tons about English (even if they don’t know they know it). * What are you in this class because you want to learn? ? I gave to Bill the books on the table. With whom ain’t you never talked? (weird. ..) • Children learn a language remarkably fast, and with little explicit instruction. – Child: I can’t pit it in. Parent: Put it in. Child: I can’t! – Child: Want other one spoon , Daddy. Father: You mean, you want the other spoon . Child: Yes, I want other one spoon , please, Daddy. Father: Can you say “the other spoon”? Child: Other. .. one. .. spoon. Father: Say. .. “other.” Child: Other. Father: “Spoon.” Child: Spoon. Father: “Other. .. spoon.” Child: Other. .. spoon. Now give me other one spoon ? • Correcting doesn’t seem to work, and on the other hand: – Child: Mamma isn’t boy, he a girl. Mother: That’s right. (Examples from Pinker, 1994) • If we can figure out everything about how English grammar works, then we can figure out what someone has to have in their brains to be able to speak English. and then, we can figure out how children get
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This note was uploaded on 03/11/2011 for the course LIN 204 taught by Professor Anna during the Spring '11 term at University of Toronto- Toronto.

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Introduction - LIN 204 Welcome! Today: English Grammar Why...

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