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Feb 1st, 2011 1 LIN 204 Mini- Essay 1 Guidelines LIN204 Mini-essay 1 (Assignment 2) Due February 8th ; worth 8% Topic: Summarize and discuss a piece of writing about English that 1. You think is an example of grammatical prescriptivism; and 2. You disagree with. LIN204 Mini-essay 1 (Assignment 2) Guidelines: The piece of writing can come from anywhere (a book, a magazine, the web) and does not have to be long. You must photocopy or print out a copy of the text you have chosen. In the first part of your essay, you should summarize the arguments made by the author of the text you have chosen. Pay particular attention to correctly describing the grammatical structure(s) that the author discusses. LIN204 Mini-essay 1 (Assignment 2) Guidelines (continued): In the second part of your essay, you should explain why you disagree with the author. You do not need to use additional sources, but you may if you like. If you do use other sources, or refer directly to the lecture slides or textbook, you must cite them correctly. You may include an additional page for references. You do not need to cite ideas covered in lecture or in the Writing Help Sessions. LIN204 Mini-essay 1 (Assignment 2) Format: Maximum one page, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman Please staple, in the following order: - the assignment cover page, filled in with your name - your mini essay - a copy of the piece of writing you have chosen - the grading rubric posted on blackboard, with your name and student # filled in Even though your essay is very short, it should have a clear structure and include an introduction (containing a thesis statement) and a conclusion. Sample topic The grammatical structure: Suppose there is a large group of speakers of English out there who use admit instead of the Standard English admitted : e.g. Yesterday, he admit that he had made a mistake. e.g. Last year, I admit my problem. ***Note that this is a made-up example (it’s not a real example of a prescriptive rule in Standard English) for illustrative purposes.***
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Sample topic The Source: You do a bit of research and you find an article online that says, among other things: One more thing that needs to be eradicated from the English language is using admit when correct grammar clearly dictates admitted . This mistake shows a level of laziness and lack of education that I find disturbing. [Etc. ..] If you disagree with the author s point of view, then you could choose this article as your source for this assignment. Sample topic Writing the summary: In your summary, you would make sure to clearly identify the grammatical phenomenon being discussed, using technical language : e.g. The author objects to the use of the base form of the verb admit as a past participle rather than the standard admitted . [Followed by a synopsis of the argument .] Sample topic Discussion (your stance toward the source’s opinion):
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Week4.Part2 - LIN 204 Mini Essay 1 Guidelines Feb 1st 2011...

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