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Quiz 4 Solutions

Quiz 4 Solutions - CHMB 333 Name(print Jada-hm Quiz 4...

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Unformatted text preview: CHMB 333 Name (print): Jada-hm Quiz 4 February 4, 2011 I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid for this assignment. (initials) 1. Consider steady state, one-dimensional heat conduction through a plane wall, a cylindrical shell, and a spherical shell of uniform thickness with constant thennophysical properties and no thermal energy generation. What geometry (or geometries) will have a linear variation of temperature in the direction of heat transfer? pm coal? (5;. 3,1) (53" 33) 2. Hot water flows through a PVC pipe (k—"~ 0.092 W/m-K) whose inner diameter 13 2 cm, and outer diameter 2 5 cm. The temperature of the interior surface of this pipe is 50° C, and the temperature of the exterior surface of the pipe is 20°C. Calculate the rate of heat loss per unit length of the pipe. [ISMM starts: (5'th lerkAT (3&3) 3. Harvested grains, like wheat, undergo an exothermic reaction while they are being stored. This heat generation causes these grains to spoil or even start fires if not controlled properly. Wheat (k = 0.5 me-K) is stored on the ground (effectively an adiabatic surface) 1n 5 m thick layers. Air at 22° C contacts the upper surface of this layer of wheat with h= 3 “Kim2 -K If the temperature of the upper surface 15 24°C, what 18 the temperature of the wheat next to the ground? “exact ‘lB-Flwi Cé'fi-m SW61 volume. ham l" oil. Conducil’lw) P? 43;. Mrfa-rm Wail-'5‘“ '5 , admhahn, sm‘faC-L (300% 53w?) '12 7W) fCt-f: Enact! T31) ...
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