Suggested study topics for Exam 2

Suggested study topics for Exam 2 - calculations(e.g...

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Suggested study topics for Exam 2 1. Chapters 1-3 a. Be familiar with all concepts from Chapters 1-3. Material for these chapters will not be explicitly tested on Exam 2, but they will be used. You should know how to do conduction, convection, and extended surface heat transfer calculations. You should also be able to calculate thermal resistances to heat transfer. 2. Chapter 5 – Transient conduction a. You should be able to do calculations involving lumped capacitance, one- dimensional unsteady state heat transfer, and heat transfer in semi-infinite solids. 3. Chapter 6 - Convection a. Fluid flow calculations and important dimensionless groups. b. Calculating local and average convection coefficients. c. Heat-mass transfer analogy – perform combined heat and mass transfer
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Unformatted text preview: calculations (e.g., evaporative cooling). 4. Chapter 7 - External convection problems a. Calculating h and h m for systems such as flat plates, cylinders, spheres, packed beds, and banks of tubes. b. Calculating heat transfer rates, mass transfer rates, concentrations, temperatures, etc. 5. Chapter 8 – Internal convection problems a. Calculating h and h m for internal flows – including circular pipes, non-circular ducts, concentric tubes; constant surface temperature and constant surface heat flux boundary conditions; overall heat transfer coefficients. b. Calculating heat transfer rates, temperatures, etc. 6. Chapter 11 – heat exchangers a. Calculation of U, design calculations (LMTD), and ε-NTU calculations....
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