06class - !PS-Adobe-2.0%Creator dvips 5.518 Copyright 1986...

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Unformatted text preview: %!PS-Adobe-2.0 %%Creator: dvips 5.518 Copyright 1986, 1993 Radical Eye Software %%Title: 06cl_das.dvi %%Pages: 5 -1 %%PageOrder: Descend %%BoundingBox: 0 0 596 842 %%EndComments %DVIPSCommandLine: dvips 06cl_das %DVIPSSource: TeX output 1998.10.19:2145 %%BeginProcSet: tex.pro /TeXDict 250 dict def TeXDict begin /N{def}def /B{bind def}N /S{exch}N /X{S N}B /TR{translate}N /isls false N /vsize 11 72 mul N /hsize 8.5 72 mul N /landplus90{false}def [email protected]{isls{[0 landplus90{1 -1}{-1 1} ifelse 0 0 0]concat}if 72 Resolution div 72 VResolution div neg scale isls{landplus90{VResolution 72 div vsize mul 0 exch}{Resolution -72 div hsize mul 0}ifelse TR}if Resolution VResolution vsize -72 div 1 add mul TR matrix currentmatrix dup dup 4 get round 4 exch put dup dup 5 get round 5 exch put setmatrix}N [email protected]{/isls true N}B [email protected]{ statusdict /manualfeed true put}B [email protected]{/#copies X}B /FMat[1 0 0 -1 0 0]N /FBB[0 0 0 0]N /nn 0 N /IE 0 N /ctr 0 N /df-tail{/nn 8 dict N nn begin /FontType 3 N /FontMatrix fntrx N /FontBBox FBB N string /base X array /BitMaps X /BuildChar{CharBuilder}N /Encoding IE N end dup{/foo setfont}2 array copy cvx N load 0 nn put /ctr 0 N[}B /df{/sf 1 N /fntrx FMat N df-tail}B /dfs{div /sf X /fntrx[sf 0 0 sf neg 0 0]N df-tail}B /E{ pop nn dup definefont setfont}B /ch-width{ch-data dup length 5 sub get} B /ch-height{ch-data dup length 4 sub get}B /ch-xoff{128 ch-data dup length 3 sub get sub}B /ch-yoff{ch-data dup length 2 sub get 127 sub}B /ch-dx{ch-data dup length 1 sub get}B /ch-image{ch-data dup type /stringtype ne{ctr get /ctr ctr 1 add N}if}B /id 0 N /rw 0 N /rc 0 N /gp 0 N /cp 0 N /G 0 N /sf 0 N /CharBuilder{save 3 1 roll S dup /base get 2 index get S /BitMaps get S get /ch-data X pop /ctr 0 N ch-dx 0 ch-xoff ch-yoff ch-height sub ch-xoff ch-width add ch-yoff setcachedevice ch-width ch-height true[1 0 0 -1 -.1 ch-xoff sub ch-yoff .1 add]{ ch-image}imagemask restore}B /D{/cc X dup type /stringtype ne{]}if nn /base get cc ctr put nn /BitMaps get S ctr S sf 1 ne{dup dup length 1 sub dup 2 index S get sf div put}if put /ctr ctr 1 add N}B /I{cc 1 add D }B /bop{userdict /bop-hook known{bop-hook}if /SI save N @rigin 0 0 moveto /V matrix currentmatrix dup 1 get dup mul exch 0 get dup mul add .99 lt{/QV}{/RV}ifelse load def pop pop}N /eop{SI restore showpage userdict /eop-hook known{eop-hook}if}N [email protected]{userdict /start-hook known{start-hook}if pop /VResolution X /Resolution X 1000 div /DVImag X /IE 256 array N 0 1 255{IE S 1 string dup 0 3 index put cvn put}for 65781.76 div /vsize X 65781.76 div /hsize X}N /p{show}N /RMat[1 0 0 -1 0 0]N /BDot 260 string N /rulex 0 N /ruley 0 N /v{/ruley X /rulex X V}B /V {}B /RV statusdict begin /product where{pop product dup length 7 ge{0 7 getinterval dup(Display)eq exch 0 4 getinterval(NeXT)eq or}{pop false} ifelse}{false}ifelse end{{gsave TR -.1 -.1 TR 1 1 scale rulex ruley false RMat{BDot}imagemask grestore}}{{gsave TR -.1 -.1 TR rulex ruley scale 1 1 false RMat{BDot}imagemask grestore}}ifelse B /QV{gsave...
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This note was uploaded on 03/12/2011 for the course CS 234218 taught by Professor Geiger during the Winter '01 term at Technion.

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06class - !PS-Adobe-2.0%Creator dvips 5.518 Copyright 1986...

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