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Carri 'Kat' Cason-Miller CF #330-A Bill Uminowicz 8 Jan. 2011 Chapter #1 questions 1.) What type of security was dominant in the early years of computing? During the early years of computing, it was a straight-forward process of physical security & simple document classification (mostly government & military documents) that required the use 2.) Who is known as the founder of the Internet? The person who is credited with the creation of the Internet is Larry Roberts, who developed it from its inception. To what project does it trace its origins? The project that started what is now known as the Internet was the ARPANET in 1968. The ARPA (The Dept. of Defense's Advanced Research Project Agency were the ones who had initiated this project for the purpose of finding a way for all of the military mainframes to communicate information without having to mail bulky, magnetic tapes between all the different computer centers. 3.) What layers of security should a successful organization have in place to protect its operations? The security layers that an organization should have in place to protect themselves are: physical security, personal security, operations security, communications security, network security & information security. This is what is needed by an organization, with a multifaceted system, to protect not only its organizational assets & resources but also the people that are employed by that organization. 1
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4.) The McCumber Cube is a 3x3x3 cube with 27 cells representing areas that must be addressed to secure today's information systems. List 3 dimensions along each of the 3 axes. The 3 dimensions of the McCumber Cube are storage, processing & transmission with the 3 axes being that of confidentiality, integrity & availability. This was created by John McCumber, during the 1990's, & is a graphical representation of the architectural approach that is used in 5.) What are the 3 components of the CIA triangle? The 3 components of the CIA triangle consist of the aspects of confidentiality, integrity & availability. What are they used for? The components are used for the protection of information & its critical components including those systems & hardware units that store & transmit that information from threats, theft, damage or modifications. 6.) If the CIA triangle is incomplete, why is it so commonly used in security? Though the CIA triangle model no longer adequately addresses the constantly changing computer environment, the security characteristics are as important today as it has always been due to the increased threats that have evolved such as accidental or intentional data damage, unintended or unauthorized modifications, data destruction &/or other misuses of human/non- human threats. 7.) Describe the critical characteristics of information.
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Chap. #1 questions - 1 Carri'Kat Cason-Miller CF#330-A Bill...

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