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PSC100_Lecture3_January 13 2011 - PSC 100 Prof Gibbs...

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PSC 100 Prof. Gibbs January 13, 2011 Lecture 3: Perception What to Focus on for Midterm 1: Lecture Notes 50 MC Questions Can keep the booklet (Use it to study for Final, recycle questions) Book ( Look at the large sections, Review Summary Sections, Know all key Terms, look over outline) Chapter 1: Know all key terms (Know Watson & Skinner), Lecture: Intro to Cognitive Psychology History Chapter 2: Any Overlap between Notes/Chapter. Neuroscience from functional perspective Chapter 3 : Focus on everything up to it gets to the disorders (deficits of perception), Look at Theoretical Approaches: need a general understanding of them (pages 100-114) Chapter 4: Theories of Attention (Pages 145-165), Understand the big ideas, Change Blindness (p 166), Don’t look at “various disorders” Sensation and Perception: 1. Sensation: conversion of physical energy to neural codes a. We begin gathering information through sensation. Ex. Light hits our eyes 2. Perception: Processes by which we make sense of the sensations we receive a. This is when we begin to make sense of the information we have gathered through sensation. Ex. Different wave lengths make us experience color (a psychological phenomenon)
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Sensation: 1. Visual Sensation: The most prevalent way we gather information, through our eyes. 2.
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PSC100_Lecture3_January 13 2011 - PSC 100 Prof Gibbs...

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