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PSC 100 January 2011 Prof Gibbs Midterm 1 Material Outline for Chapter 1 Chapter 1 : Cognitive Psychology Defined Cognitive Psychology- is the study of how people perceive, learn, remember, and think about information Psychological Antecedents German Psychologist William Wundt, often viewed as founder of experimental psychology, he used introspection (is the looking inward at pieces of information passing through consciousness). Behaviorism Behaviorism is the theoretical outlook that psychology should only focus on the relation between observable behavior and environmental events or stimuli. Classical conditioning learning- Ivan Pavlov
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Unformatted text preview: • Behaviorism an extreme version of associationism • B.F. Skinner rejected mental mechanism focused on operant conditioning. • Operant conditioning-involving and the strengthening or weakening of behavior, contingent on the presence or absence of reinforcement or punishments could explain all forms of human behavior. Gestalt psychology • We best understand psychological phenomena when we view them as organized, structured wholes Research Methods • Experiments Independent variables-variables being manipulated Dependent variables- outcome responses • Case Studies • Self Reports • Naturalistic Observation...
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PSC 100_Midterm 1Material_Chapter 1 Outline - •...

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