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PSC100_Midterm 1_Fall2010

PSC100_Midterm 1_Fall2010 - Cognitive Psych Psych 100 EXAM...

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Cognitive Psych. Psych 100 Gibbs Fall, 2010 EXAM ! VM" Chi 1, Cognition is described as a. the activity of knowing b, including psychological entities such as knowledge and thinking including imaging and creating. all of the above 2, The Behaviorists such as Watson and Skinner thought that ja. human thought processes were important for scientific understanding emotions and ideas were the main areas appropriate for study in psychology belief in the existence of consciousness goes back to the ancient days of magical thinking d. terms such as perception and thinking should be included in scientific vocabulary 3, The basic assumptions of modern-day cognitive psychology include the belief(s) that a. mental processes exist b. humans are active information processors we, as scientists, can infer mental processes from behavior all of the above 4. The term "introspection" refers to the a. Process by which one individual seeks to infer the thoughts of another individual b. Procedure of examining thought processing by monitoring the brain's A UI electrical activity /C^ Process of each person looking within, to observe his or her own thoughts ^^ and ideas d. Technique of studying thought by interpreting the symbols used in communication 5. One important difference between classical behaviorism and cognitive psychology is that cognitive psychology ^y Argues that unobservable mental states can be scientifically studied . Rejects the use of human participants fc/' Insists on studying topics that can be directly and objectively observed d. Emphasizes the evolutionary roots of our behavior
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fthl 6. Because we cannot directly measure our thought processes, we have to rely on a number of behaviors to indirectly measure cognition. These measurement processes include a. reaction time b. accuracy c. neurological activity all of the above The motor cortex and the sensory cortex can be best described as areas where a. Areas of the body receive equal cortical space fo*) Areas of the body receive unequal cortical space c. the structures have different functional organization in people d. both a and c Chi 8. Fibers that connect the two hemispheres of the cerebral cortex are referred to as the a. thalamus ffo corpus callosum c. hypothalamus d. telencephalon 9. According to the All-or-None Law, a neuron either fires or it does not. Since this is true, what events can give us the experience of a more or less intense stimulus? Partial firing or full firing of the neuron 'Change in the rate of firing of the neuron c. a and b are correct d. none of the above are correct 10. According to Signal Detection Theory, we sense or detect a signal based on: a. how strong the physical sensation of a stimulus is b, cognitive processes such as decision-making and b none of the above Mi 2- 11. The key structural components of neurons are a. cell body, dendrites, and transmitters axon, dendrites, and modules cell body, dendrites, and axon d. transmitters, dendrites, and axon 12. Which of the following is/are true when discussing localization of brain function?
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PSC100_Midterm 1_Fall2010 - Cognitive Psych Psych 100 EXAM...

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