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PSC151 Chapter 6: Conformity and Obedience I. What is Conformity A. Conformity tends to have a negative connotation because as an individualistic society we see social influence as a negative label B. CONFORMITY -is a change in behavior or belief to accord with others, as a result of real or imagined group pressure 1. Compliance-conformity that involves publicly acting in accord with implied or explicit request while privately disagreeing 2. Obedience- acting in accord with a direct order or command
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Acceptance- conformity that involves both acting and believing in accord with social pressure II. What are the classic conformity and Obedience studies? A. Sherifs Studies of Norm Formation-Is it possible to observe the emergence of a social norm in the laboratory B. Aschs Studies of Group Pressure-C. Milgrams Obedience Experiments-III. What Predicts conformity? IV. Why Conform? V. Who Conforms? VI. Do we ever want to be different?...
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