Dr.+Mattiuzzi - premeditation/intention General intent...

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Dr. Mattiuzzi Clinical Forensic Psychology Forensic – pertaining to law (literally, of the forum ) Areas of Practice Civil law – witness or in an accident, get emotionally upset, forensic psychologist forms opinion re whether injured or not Family law – custody evaluations Workers’ comp law – something happens at workplace that leads to psychological problems Criminal law Criminal Law Need to know how to assess, diagnose and the law Temperament is important – work is with “bad” people Every crime has “obvious” explanation, but in forensic psychology, it’s what is beyond the obvious that’s important Specific intent crime – have to have a particular state of mind –
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Unformatted text preview: premeditation/intention General intent crime whys arent important -crime was committed, someone did it, it was wrong Confidentiality if attorney asks for something, very confidential; if court asks, not confidential at all Competency mental disorder prevents one from benefitting from having an attorney; and/or doesnt understand proceedings against him/her Insanity mens rea (guilty mind) and actus reus (guilty act) are both needed for person to be judged insane. Not just what is done, but also what was intended. MNaughten. Murder 1 st degree, premeditated, intentional ; manslaughter, crime of passion...
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Dr.+Mattiuzzi - premeditation/intention General intent...

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