Exam _1 Study Guide

Exam _1 Study Guide - P SC 165 I n t roduction to Clinical...

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Unformatted text preview: P SC 165: I n t roduction to Clinical Psychology Exam #1 Study Guide Fall 2010 F rom the Book Chapter 1: • Evidence-based practice, especially good and bad about it, i mportance • Differences between various mental health professions • H istory of clinical psychology, especially assessment and i ntervention (don’t need to remember dates) Chapter 2: • Activities of clinical psychologists (don’t need to know about hili ted psychologists) • Pillars of clinical psychology - importance of science and ethics Chapter 5: • Difference between assessment-focused vs. in tervention-focused services • Uses for/of assessment • Psychological testing, and difference between assessment vs. t esting • Terms – standardization, reliability, validity, norms • Ethical considerations Chapter 6: • Confidentiality • Attending skills, importance of context in assessment • Observation and self-monitoring strategies Chapter 7: • Theories of intelligence • Clinical context in assessment of intelligence • Different intelligence tests – Wechsler scales (WAIS and WISC) Chapter 8: • Objective vs. projective (subjective) personality tests, including b ias and usefulness • M MPI, Beck Depression Inventory • Rorschach, TAT Chapter 9: • In tegration of assessment findings • Threats to validity • Improving accuracy of clinical judgment F rom Lectures: • The “clinical atti tude” • Differences between models of t raining • Theoretical influences a. underlying assumptions of all models b. major theoretical models and characteristics/assumptions of each • a. b. c. d. e. • a. b. c. Clinical assessment components of assessment clinical judgment and i ts components important factors in the assessment interview bias/error in clinical judgment qualities of the accurate assessor Psychological testing hallmarks of psychological tests determinants of test performance value of psychological testing vs. clinical judgment ...
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Exam _1 Study Guide - P SC 165 I n t roduction to Clinical...

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