Exam+_3+Study+Guide - the book • Adolescent depression...

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PSC 165: Introduction to Clinical Psychology Exam #3 Study Guide Fall 2010 From the Book Chapter 6: Special considerations in interviewing children and adolescents Observation – usefulness of, reasons for Chapter 7: WISC-IV, WPPSI-III – what they are, how they’re used, components of Chapter 10: Models of evidence-based parenting: Triple P, Incredible Years Prevention of violence – risk factors for physical abuse, for bullying Fast Track Project prevention program Preventing anxiety and depression – risk factors for each disorder Chapter 13: Special considerations in working with children, eg, confidentiality and privilege, informed consent, etc. Research findings regarding evidence-based treatments for childhood disorders – meta-analytic findings Familiarity with evidence-based treatments used as examples in
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Unformatted text preview: the book • Adolescent depression – significance of, strategies for coping with Chapter 15: • Clinical health psychology – what it is, dominant theoretical models used • Application of clinical health psychology related to pain • Forensic psychology – what it is, areas of practice • Assessment and intervention in forensic psychology From Lecture • What are ethics? • Differences between ethical principles and ethical standards • Differences between ethical practices of clinicians vs. professors • Most frequent ethical violations • Multiple relationships – what they are, kinds of, problems with • Dr. Cort – clinical health psychology • Dr. Sedlar – child clinical psychology • Dr. Mattiuzzi – clinical forensic psychology...
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Exam+_3+Study+Guide - the book • Adolescent depression...

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