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PSC 165: Introduction to Clinical Psychology Exam #3 Study Guide Fall 2010 From the Book Chapter 6: Special considerations in interviewing children and adolescents Observation – usefulness of, reasons for Chapter 7: WISC-IV, WPPSI-III – what they are, how they’re used, components of Chapter 10: Models of evidence-based parenting: Triple P, Incredible Years Prevention of violence – risk factors for physical abuse, for bullying Fast Track Project prevention program Preventing anxiety and depression – risk factors for each disorder Chapter 13: Special considerations in working with children, eg, confidentiality and privilege, informed consent, etc. Research findings regarding evidence-based treatments for childhood disorders – meta-analytic findings Familiarity with evidence-based treatments used as examples in
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Unformatted text preview: the book Adolescent depression significance of, strategies for coping with Chapter 15: Clinical health psychology what it is, dominant theoretical models used Application of clinical health psychology related to pain Forensic psychology what it is, areas of practice Assessment and intervention in forensic psychology From Lecture What are ethics? Differences between ethical principles and ethical standards Differences between ethical practices of clinicians vs. professors Most frequent ethical violations Multiple relationships what they are, kinds of, problems with Dr. Cort clinical health psychology Dr. Sedlar child clinical psychology Dr. Mattiuzzi clinical forensic psychology...
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Exam+_3+Study+Guide - the book Adolescent depression...

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